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Training support for schools:

The AWSUM App for Schools is a perfect tool to house all your communication channels (news, notifications, group chats, academic, cultural, sporting info, website links and even home your parent portal platforms such as Ed-Admin or other database links). Allowing you to promote your brand and school but also to create a meaningful and worthwhile platform to strengthen or create better ties within your school community.

The AWSUM App provides schools with an opportunity to generate substantial unlimited monthly income which is desperately needed in the South African educational system.

Being able to communicate effectively is crucial in the school environment and with multiple communication channels in the school environment, it becomes easy to lose track of the conversations. With some information shared through instant messaging, Zoom, MS Teams, while other files are sent via email, and yet further conversations completed with texts, it is easy to see how vital communications can get lost in transition.

One way to deal with this issue is to use a centralised communication hub. Click here to read more about the benefits of a centralised communication hub.


Key features of the app:

  • Easy access to important school information

  • View school photos and videos

  • Easy access to extended school calendar

  • Opportunity to receive news effectively by means of notifications not limited to 160 characters

  • Communicate urgent announcements

  • Read the latest school news in your area

  • Additional awsum features, that increase the usage of the app and that parents enjoy that include:

    • Get an overview of what’s happening in your area in the Events section, including running and cycling events

    • Especially for Dad – he can read all the latest world sport news on the app!

    • Mom has quick access to food recipes

    • Browse food specials in your area


  • Communication controlled by the school and teachers

  • Read more about new features coming soon


Transitioning to a remote learning environment—especially on short notice and in challenging circumstances took some adjustment for schools, learners and parents. Most schools moved to remote learning in response to COVID-19. Read more on how schools have transitioned to a remote learning environment on the AWSUM App.




  • App demo: we can arrange a demo online or visit your school to show you the product in person

  • Staff training: Face to face training if possible, and detailed online training

  • Implementation: We work closely with the school to ensure implementation runs smoothly and understand the challenges schools are facing

  • On-going support: Our friendly, knowledgeable support team provides fast phone support telephonically and via our dedicated WhatsApp support number


Supporting two of the world’s largest and most popular mobile operating systems ensures that the AWSUM App can be accessed from Apple iStore and Google Playstore.

Ready to reclaim the way your school communicate and generate much needed funds?

For more information and our detailed brochure, contact us at or phone 021 000 1705.

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New features on the AWSUM App

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Related articles:

The benefits of a centralised communication hub

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New features on the AWSUM App

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