With the average person checking their mobile device every 6 minutes, there has never been a better way to communicate. Instantly and effectively reach your school community anytime, anywhere.


The AWSUM App for Schools is a free mobile app that helps parents stay connected to their school community and have been designed and developed in collaboration with teachers, learners and parents in response to the growing and ongoing digital communication needs of school communities. Supporting two of the world's largest and most popular mobile operating systems ensures that the AWSUM App for Schools can be accessed from Apple iStore and Google Playstore.


The app delivers information directly to parents and students on their mobile devices providing instant access to school news, homework, events, sport updates, and news aimed at old boys. But the AWSUM App for Schools is different to other apps as the school can now list their preferred providers as loyal supporters of the school generating and additional income revenue stream for the school.

Schools choose the AWSUM App for Schools as their messaging option for safe, one-way communication on mobile devices that include news on:

  • Events

  • Food specials

  • World Sport News

  • Shopping specials

Benefits for the school:

  • The dynamic categories allows schools to customise their content on an as-needed basis, giving schools the flexibility to deliver news instantly

  • Important information are communicated securely by the school to the parent via our mobile app, removing frustrations of notes being returned late or not at all

  • Reduce phone calls with repetitive and often unnecessary questions

  • Helps support and sustain a harmonious relationship with parents

  • We can integrate your app with your notification system, website, social media and other content sources

  • Removes the financial and environmental cost of printed communication

  • Ongoing maintenance and support

  • Simple interface for easy site navigation

  • Multi-language support (Afrikaans and English)

  • Integration of social media and online payment systems


Benefits for the parents:

  • Free, fast and secure access to school information at your fingertips that include homework, school photos and videos

  • Updated community info on local shopping, food and events in your area

  • Instant access to school preferred service providers to support loyal school supporters by preferring their services

  • Subscribe only to the pages that matter to you, ensuring all messaging is relevant

  • Ensures parents always receive important information alerts, homework reminders, sports scores and more, sent directly to your mobile device by district administrators, teachers, club sponsors, and coaches

  • Informs parents when events are rained out, avoiding frustration

  • Secure and easy to access


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